Walking and Biking in Wheaton, MD will soon be safer!

Residents have asked for a safer way to walk and ride bikes, and the MD State Highway
Administration has agreed to make one lane in each direction for bikes ONLY.

This summer you’ll be able to go from Arcola to Amherst to get to work, go food
shopping, visit friends or out to restaurants on a bike or on foot.


This summer the Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) will provide a protected bike lane on both sides of University Boulevard in Wheaton, MD, by closing one lane of traffic to cars on each side of the road. The bike lanes will go from Arcola Drive to Amherst Avenue, and will provide a safe space for people who want to ride a bike. 

Why University Blvd?

  • Residents have noted that they feel unsafe walking, biking, and waiting for the bus.
  • Both the design of the road and sidewalk, as well as high speed driving, are a big problem. 
  • Over the last few years, several serious or fatal crashes have occurred. 
  • University Blvd will connect Wheaton to Silver Spring for cyclists, via Sligo Creek Parkway

Traffic engineers often shrink roads that have too many lanes to reduce speeding in residential neighborhoods, in something called a “road diet.” Neighbors and community leaders want safe options for those who want to bike or walk along University Ave., and MDSHA wants to see if putting University Boulevard on a road diet will reduce dangerous driving, while improving safety. 


This temporary bike lane is part of a study, funded by a federal transportation grant. It is being installed because a coalition of local groups requested it.

You can find more information about the request to MDSHA in this article: https://bit.ly/3fZj5kp


The bike lanes will be installed in late May or early June and be in place for up to 6 months. The arrangement is temporary but may be made permanent if data shows it increases safety and is used by enough people on a regular basis. The trial, if successful, is also likely to be tried on other segments of State Highways:  https://bit.ly/3fYFe2o


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